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A super angsty and steamy NEW release!

Deep Gap, Shattered Hearts of Carolina, Book Six

Byron and Greer's story is ready!!!!

Byron was first featured in Holding Onto Hope. He's just so charming and steady that I got several requests for him to get his own book, though I really didn’t think it would happen anytime soon. Then, while I was trying to take a break over the holidays, Greer appeared out of nowhere. She’s been dropped back into society after a truly tragic experience. Like many of the Mill Girls’ stories, Greer’s isn’t for the faint heart.

This is an age gap, workplace romance that was supposed to be a short story around the same length as Trig & Kimber’s books. Uh, yeah… It’s THREE times the size—almost a full-length novel!

What does an almost middle-aged guy like me have in common with a young woman who was never allowed to grow up?

Not much… Other than death.

Greer accepts responsibility for taking life for granted. But the weight of others’ expectations leaves her existing in the past. She stands on one side of a deep chasm, tied down by regrets that highlight a bleak future.

When Greer needs a lift, I recognize our histories are strikingly similar, and I’m struggling as much with being left behind by the people I held dear. But can two lonely hearts bridge the gap together and find a promise for tomorrow? —Byron

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