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Million dollar question

Does it feel like the million dollar question this week wasn't did you play the lottery, but “How did you find out Facebook was down?”

For me it was when I tried to open messenger. At which point, I freaked out because it’s my #1 source of communication with a few of my besties. It wasn’t until I realized I had their e-mail that I sighed with relief.

It's actually really important if social media goes kaput and you want to stay updated about new book releases and sales to subscribe to my newsletter.

I'd asked in a previous e-mail:

If you had to share one book of mine with your friends,

which one would it be?

Cavanaugh was the big winner, with Mateo’s upcoming book the runner-up. Little things like this elicit a squee from me because it’s always great to know you’re excited about upcoming releases. I’m hurriedly putting down the last few thousand words (because my favorite book boyfriend and I have upcoming plans.) So here are a few things you might be interested to know about Cavanaugh in comparison to Love Thy Neighbor...


  • Prequel to the Kingsbrier Quintuplets

  • Miss Rose is the Main Character

  • Boss’s daughter

  • Slow burn

  • Marriage of convenience

Love Thy Neighbor

  • Miss Rose has a cameo

  • Boss’s son

  • Combustable when it happens!

  • Oops, they're married!

The books have a lot in common for being completely different romances. Don't forget to add Love thy Neighbor to your Goodreads TBR!

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