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It's release day for Sliver of Truth...

Find out what happens when a mill girl breaks the cardinal rule!


What reviewers are saying:

"Jody Kaye has produced quite an extraordinary book. Sliver of Truth is not a standard read by any stretch of the imagination. Don't get me wrong it is smoking hot and the chemistry between Dusty and Celine is of the charts from the beginning but if you take the time to really read the book there is so much depth to this story."

—World of Books 65 Goodreads Review

"I loved Celine's raw honesty, as she recognizes her own bias, and the way she takes ownership of her missteps along the way."

—Kim's Goodreads Review




Dusty gets out of the truck and rounds the hood. His right fist pounds twice on the metal and his left palm reaches out to encircle my waist. He draws me to his chest before his fist tangles in my hair, bringing me in closer for a toe-curling kiss.

I stumble in my heels, touching my lips. “What was that for?”

“Bye, Cees.” He’s walking backward as it dawns on me Dusty means it. We’ve never said goodbye. It’s so… final. My heart and my jaw are scraping the pavement with the sting of a skinned knee.


“But what?” His spine stiffens to the point I swear I hear it crack. “What are we doing here?” His arms stretch wide in question. “Why bother to come out if it wasn’t to let me down easy?”

“What do you want from me?”

“A fucking chance?” He musses his hair. “God, I’ve never met a woman more interested in a quick roll and less intent on a second date than you.” He bats a hand as if I’m not worth his time.


“Cause you’re gorgeous. And smart. And I liked hanging out with you as much as I like banging you, Celine.”

The emphasis in those last words is caustic, cutting me for being the user, for acting like I’m entitled to use Dusty’s body and not care about his feelings. I hang my head, understanding I’m more than playing hard to get. I’m the player in this scenario, and I’m treating Dusty unfairly.

Dusty’s hands are in his pockets. He’s rolled his shirtsleeves to his elbows. The jovial smile he wore all night has vanished and I’m left with a cold dead stare.

©2020 Jody Kaye



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